Smadav Antivirus 2018 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

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 OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64bit)
Language: Bahasa Indonesia, English

Smadav Antivirus 2018 for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Review

Who the hell is not knowledgeable about Smadav Anti-virus? Yep one of the birth of Indonesia anti-viruses, created in the year 2006. We should be proud of having regional items, antivirus for it let's wear smadav antivirus as an enhance of our computer, why do I state complementary? because it can be installed, Smadav 2018 Free Antivirus in addition to other anti-viruses. For example I use Eset antivirus as the primary defense of my computer system, and as a protective backup I use Anti-virus Smadav, why can in this manner? because it is not developed to be an Smadav 2018 Setup defense in defense however rather as an additional computer system or backup on the computer system, so it works to operate on a computer that has 2 antivirus (etc and Usa). Submit size of installer smadav arguably the most any little compared with other antivirus, that is only about 1, 4 MB does not even reach 1, 5 MB. For that reason, Smadav 2018 will not charge your computer system's performance because of its light weight.

The Main Function Of The Usa.
The main function of smadav really is to the extra security for your computer system, due to the fact that nature created as security smadav extra, so that it can run even if suitable set up anti-virus smadav (in addition to working as a layer a 2nd or spare). Smadav has unique features to identify and clean the virus so that it can enhance the security of your computer system. So, with a mix of other anti-virus smadav will reinforce your terhadapa trojan horse, malware and so on

. Total Defense Versus Flash
This is a function I love about smada, because Flash others we plug it into your computer system, is responsive conduct scanning directly versus smadav pendrive. Exactly what I like finest is when the presence of important files that ter-hidden in Flash, you don't have to open CMD to do unhidden the files, merely use Smadav Anti-virus scans the Flash way and take a look at the result submits that had actually been TER-hidden now come back.

Due to the fact that Flash media is among the largest infection dissemination media. Smadav has its own innovation to prevent the virus going into through Flash, due to the fact that the mission itself is a 100% USA-no more spread of the virus through Flash.

Scanner Is An Extremely Fast
Like other antivirus, Smadav also can carry out scans against your computer. If other anti-viruses most likely you will get lazy doing scanner against your computer system due to several factors, the main aspect is probably due to a long scannernya process and may take many hours. However don't worry it's a consider Smadav Antivirus scanner features, in this, you can do a computer scanner quickly and certainly efficient, ensure to constantly scan your computer system a minimum of once a week, to meminimalizir the occurrence the spread of the virus.

Smadav anti-viruses is produkan Indonesia additional security for your computer system, USB Pendrive, total protection and cleansing of viruses that spread widely. Do not hesitate to utilize Smadav Anti-virus on your computer by reason of quality, due to the fact that this anti-virus is currently popular abroad. Because 20% users Smadav 2018 comes from the Philippines, India, Malaysia and Africa.

For all you who want to download Anti-virus Smadav please download from here page. Antivirus support children of this nation in such a way to utilize it on your computer system. For you guys who wish to update to become a Pro User, I recommend not to use a license is illegal, it readies you men bought the license of this Anti-virus Smadav original to support quality in the future.

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